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Community Meeting Space and Classrooms

Church of Universal Truth

We provide meeting and worship space for area organizations.  Our facility is perfect for worship services, community meetings, classes, parties, game nights, weddings, public speaking events, civic groups, any event that requires a nice space to gather.

You can find photos of all spaces our facility offers on the Gallery page.




The Chapel seats 320 people in pews. Includes access to the sound room which allows the operator to control four front microphones plus two choir microphones, play background music and adjust keyboard volume. The chapel room measures 65ft x 34ft (2210 sqft). Chapel also includes Bride's and Groom's Rooms at the front of the chapel which can be used for choir entry, speaker preparation or classrooms.


An Alesis Recital 88 key keyboard with foot pedal is included. This keyboard can emulate a piano or organ.

Outdoor Space


The Church is on five acres with trees along the perimeter. This space can be used for outdoor events including weddings.

Conference Room (Room 1)


This is the largest room besides the chapel. The Conference Room seats up to 10 people comfortably at the main table or 14 people uncomfortably.  The room includes an American flag, lectern, dry-erase board,  speaker's table and additional chairs are available for a maximum occupancy of 16 people. There is additional space at the front of the room for demonstrations or group participation exercises. This room measures 24 ft x 12 ft (288 sqft).

Meeting Room 3


This 10ft x 12ft room seats up to eight people at the tables and an additional four chairs are available for observers. The fold-up chairs are provided along with four 18in x 42in fold-up tables. The tables are in a classroom format. You can push the tables together to form one large table or fold them up and lean them against the wall if you prefer an open center presentation area with the chairs against the wall. A dry-erase board is included.

You can rearrange the room if needed.


Meeting Room 2


This 10ft x 12ft room seats up to 12 people in fold-up chairs. The two fold-up tables are pushed together to create one large table. You can rearrange the room if needed. A dry-erase board is included.




Meeting Room 4


This 10ft x 12ft room seats up to 18 people in fold-up chairs. The fold-up chairs are provided along with a lectern and dry-erase board. This room provides auditorium style seating. A dry-erase board is included.


You can rearrange the room if needed.


Meeting Room 5 & 6


Meeting Rooms 5 and 6 are being renovated and currently unavailable.




The parking lot accommodates up to 54 vehicles. No street parking is permitted. Grass parking for an additional 50+ vehicles is an option for large  events.

Sound Room


The chapel includes an attached sound room. The main microphones are controlled from this room with the provided mixer. Sound equipment is provided on an as-is, as-available basis. We will provide a one-sheet that explains how to use the equipment.


An experienced sound person should operate this equipment.


The sound room allows control of the keyboard volume, all front microphones, sound room microphone, playing of MP3 files from our computer or your MP3 player, playing of cassettes or CD-ROMs. We do not provide any music.


You can connect your own MP3 player or phone using a 3.5mm stereo audio jack to play music over the sound system.



We do not provide any of the following

» Event Planning Services

» Food or drinks

» Outdoor tents or any outdoor supplies

» Equipment not specifically listed

» A person on-site

» Sound system setup or adjustment(You must provide your own qualified sound person)

» Security personnel

Contact us if you have specific questions or needs.

» Chairs or tables not specifically listed for each room


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